Monday, 10 June 2013

Functional Thinking by Neal Ford, O'Reilly Media

Neal Ford in his video presents functional programming's foundations and principles as he believes that this paradigm is going to dominate software development as mainstream technologies are including its features more and more.

He believes that learning syntax of new programming language is easy, so instead teaches you about new way of thinking. Examples of code that are shown in the video present those ideas in languages like Groovy, Closure, Scala or even Java. But the speaker doesn't really try to give you comprehensive lesson about syntax of these languages. He discusses the basics of the paradigm that stands behind that new syntax.

Topics that are covered in the video include background of functional programming: immutability, higher order functions, laziness and other topics. There are also points when speaker contrasts new principles with object oriented design. I particularly liked the part where Neal teaches you that functional programming is about separating "how" and "what" needs to be done, so that you can make "how" part the problem of someone else. The lesson I learned is that you can use functional programming to minimize number things you need to worry about.

I feel that people that would benefit the most of watching this video are software developers that have already experience in object oriented technologies like Java or .NET and want to learn new concepts whose role is getting larger and larger in programming. If a developer is new to functional thinking I can definitely recommend him Neal's video .

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