Thursday, 13 June 2013

Functional Programming Principles in Scala

Most of my previous posts were about functional programming and I would like to write this topic one more time - I think last time for now. This time I'd like to share my experience with one of the MOOC (massive open online course) that I've taken recently: Functional Programming Principles in Scala.

This course is offered by and is lead by Scala's inventor, prof. Martin Odersky. The course is divided into 7 weeks. Each week contains about 2 hours of video lectures and programming assignment that on average takes another few hours to complete.

In video lectures the speaker tells you about all the ideas behind functional programming and describes all concepts that FP consists of. Professor Odersky initially presents some theory (sometimes its full of math) behind some of these concepts and then he shows an example for each of them with a code that he writes in Scala. So there's actual practical application shown in the lecture part.

What you learn while watching the lectures, you can immediately try in practice by solving the problem that programming assignment describes. The assignments are sometimes challenging, however every time it is just pure fun to work on them. Let me just tell you that assignments include working on:

  • anagrams generator
  • logic game solver
  • Huffman coding
  • binary trees

I can assure you that most participants (including myself) are very pleased they could attend it. And I fully recommend you to take that course in the next available session if you are, like me, interested in functional programming. If you have any questions about the course, feel free to ask me privately or in the comments section.

You can find more details on the course page

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